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We sell products to replace oem parts and build a custom suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha, honda, bmw, and hayabusa sportbike.

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DSC Bike Shop is your online motorcycle parts source for customers who need aftermarket accessories or need to repair and maintain their sportbikes. These high quality and brand name products are for the following types of motorcycles we supply: wide tire sportbikes, supermoto, street fighter, stunt street bikes, road race sport bikes, and sport touring.

300 Fat Tire Kit
300 Fat Tire Kit
Clutch Kit
Clutch Kits
Clutch Covers
Clutch Covers
520 Conversions
520 Conversions
Extended Rear Brake Line
Extended Rear Brake Line
Adjustable Lowering Links
Adjustable Lowering Links

Blade Levers
Blade Levers:

We have been supplying these fully adjustable brake and clutch blade levers since 2010, they are a direct fit to your oem perch. Fully machined from billet aluminum integrated with a roll and click that are used by race teams. You can buy these sportbike handle bar levers in finishes like green, blue, black, chrome, red, yellow, and orange. Don't be fooled by knock offs!

Vibe Rider, Motorcycle Vibrating Seat:

Quite simply it is a small electronic device that is installed in the passenger seat of your motorcycle converting it to a Vibrating Motorcycle Seat. It produces a amplified and centralized pulsating sensation which you control. Once installed it is undetectable to the eye and it's your secret. The MotoGasm works on all motorcycles and fits in any type of seat. Easy installation procedures included.

Go ahead... Give your Chick a BUZZZZZZZZ!

air ride
Motorcycle Air Ride Suspension:

Buying our motorcycle air ride suspension system will allow you to control your ride height at the flip of a switch, for up to a 4-5 inch lift. This 2 inch air shock travel designed is called bleed and feed. Its design was with the concern of road conditions and the weight of the rider and passenger. The system includes one air cylinder, air compressor, control valve, fittings, and electrical switch harness.

Motorcycle Models We Supply Aftermarket Products For:

  • CBR 600
  • CBR F2
  • CBR 600 F3
  • CBR 600 F4I
  • CBR 600 RR
  • VFR 800
  • VFR 750
  • CBR 900
  • CBR 919
  • CBR 929
  • cbr 954
  • CBR 1000
  • CBR 1000 RR
  • CBR 1100
  • EX 500
  • ZX 300
  • ZX 6RR
  • ZX 363R
  • EX 650R
  • ZX 750
  • ZX 900R
  • ZX 1000
  • ZX 10R
  • ZX 1100
  • 12
  • ZRX 1200
  • ZZR 1200
  • ZX 14R
  • ZX 14
  • GSX 600
  • SV650
  • SV650S
  • GSX 750
  • GSXR 750
  • SV 1000
  • TL1000S
  • TL1000R
  • GSXR 1100
  • GSXR 1300
  • B King
  • Yamaha FZR 600
  • Yamaha FZ6
  • Yamaha R6
  • Yamaha FZF 750
  • Yamaha FZR 1000
  • Yamaha YSF 1000
  • Yamaha FZ1
  • Yamaha R1
  • 600 Monster
  • 620 Monster
  • 748
  • 749
  • 750 Monster
  • 50SS
  • 800 Sport
  • 800 SS
  • 900 SS
  • 916 ST4
  • 944 ST2
  • 996 ST4
  • 998
  • 999
  • 1000S Monster
  • 1000 SS

What don't we carry at DSC Bike Shop! We have a large variety of front and rear sprockets for all those stunt bikes, drag race motorcycles and daily sport bike riders. We have for you a 520 Conversion kit,oversized wheelie sprocket, and oem replacement stock sprockets.

Now for those parking-lot pimps out there we have everything you're looking for to drop, Stretch, and chrome out your street bike. We have your extended swing arm extensions, in combinations of 4"-6" stretch, 7"-10" stretch, and 7"-12" stretch. Custom swingarm big tire kits are designed to accommodate a 240, 300, and 330 rear perelli and avon tires. If you looking to lower that 2 wheel monster? Begin with our fullty adjustable lowering links to drop 3"-4" on the rear. Our axel dress-up kits give you that unique look you are wanting from others. We have many styles of bar ends to give you a sporty or aggressive look needed. To keep the underside of those fairings safe and a great look as well, we have Suzuki hayabusa belly pans with a solid look, engraved, flame, and tribal.

To give you a personal touch at your fingertips, DSC has many kind of hand brake and clutch levers in anodized, chrome, and powder coated. To keep that 530 link chain off your pant leg we have chain guards from looks as tribal, hayabusa, gsxr, ninja logo engraved for your model motorcycle. If you have extended your swingarm on your motorcycle then you will need to replace your oem chain and rear brake line with a new extended 130, 140, or 150 link Ek chain and with a good year steel braided extended rear brake line. If you're are replacing those wrecked handle bar clip-ons or just looking for a better look we carry them in many metric size applications. Did you drop your bike and scratch your clutch cover or stator cover or just want to personalize your baby, we have them in black powder coat polished and chrome.

Make it loud or make it gain HORSE POWER get new Exhausts from us to. Did your faithful mechanic loose some fairing bolts and didn't have the heart to tell you about it, and now you've have realized it way too late to go back, well we have them for cheap from oem plastic push pins to oem metric bolts to spiked bolts. Do your shoes need better grip to hold on to or just need some bling to keep the attention off of those cheap shoes? Then add a new set of foot pegs to do the trick. Tired of your keys taking the attention from the triple trees then replace it the hottest ones out there, but finish it off with some fork caps. Are you tired of taking out your key to open the gas cap, we have some spin off ones in many styles and chromed and anodized to make it easier for you and one step above the rest. Do your gauges need a face lift? Try a new chromed cluster gauge face cover. "For those fast motorcycle riders to wheelie kings, make your girlfriend or fragile boyfriend feel safer, and add some new grab handles. You don't have a custom motorcycle until those cheesy stock hand grips are replaced. We stock many styles to choose from to set you apart from other sport bike riders alike.

If you need a stock length Kick Stand or now you have realized after you Lowered that Monster your bike is trying to tip over, well we carry adjustable kick stands or a one piece shorty to fix that issue. Is your tag bent up or held in with some cheesy wood screw and those cops are threatening you to ticket you? We have License Plate Brackets in chrome black and polished that attach to the swing arm, even if your street bike is stretched.If you're your looking for a 240 swingarm, 240 single sided, 300 fat tire kit, 330 wide tire or a 360 big tire kit, then look no further. No extra parts needed, our swingarms have over 20 years of experience in the streetbike scene. You can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality products available when you purchase a "Big Wheel" kit from the pro's at DSC. Nothing looks complete until u add the air ride suspension wiyh a one switch control giving yout motorcycle better handeling at all times. But it is not always the biggest parts chromed that gives the bike its over all look it is really the details that finish it off as for some of these parts to will help you to create your style. See these products: Chrome switch covers, universal grips, reservoir covers, banjo bolts, cargo bolts and mirror block off plates. Now, if you are rebuilding an old sport bike and missing harware or need to add more to your custom paint job we have many different anodized fairing bolts and different full monty packages to help replace or enhace the look of any street bike, keep in mind for a set of frame sliders with frame slider bases or engine cages a to prevent damage from both sides of your motorcycle.

DSC has been working hard to bring in all custom aftermarket parts to all, but now we are diffenlty hitting the streets to find every need for performance parts as quick shifts, and fuel controllers to increase horsepower and throttle response. When increasing horse power replace those factory rotors with a set of front wave rotors and rear wave rotors to dissipate heat creating a better friction surface for stopping power. When stopping with all that force make sure you can adjust your rear sets as we do, letting you to adjust peg placement desired to keep your footing feeling secured.




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