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Motorcycle Big Rear Tires

Buying the right rear tire for an oversized swingarm with a wide rear wheel is now a treat, so we at DSC have took the time to find the best quality for the money. For a 240 wheel, Avon offers the Avon Cobra in a 240/40VR/18 with enhanced water flow thread and the cobra logo side wall. Dunlop offers 240/40ZR/18 in the Sportmax Q2 Performance radial. If you are in need for a 300 wide tire, Avon has it in a 300/35VR/18 custom, which also has the optimal water flow thread pattern with cobra design on the sidewall. Now for a 330 fat tire Avon makes a Venom R Radial in a 330/30VR/17 it offers the rider the multiarc tread contour light, neutral turn in and corning stability, and the tread grooves designed to resist tracking. DSC Bike Shop will be offering Metzeler and Pirelli tires for the U.S market. The following avon and Dunlop big rear tires will fit RC Components and Performance Machine custom wheels. We carry a great line of AVON and Bridge Stone wide tires to complete the build of any bolt-on swingarm conversion kit.

How To Choose Motorcycle Replacement Tires When Buying Them Online:

To help you out, weíve put together a quick guide about how to read a motorcycle tire side wall print, so you can find exact tires that are on your bike now and what tires you need to replace them. Section Width: measurement of the width of the tread, in a straight line from one side to the other. Almost always a three-digit number. Aspect Ratio: the ratio of a tires width as a percentage of its height; the higher the number, the taller the tire. Usually a two-digit number. Rim Diameter: measurement of the rim, from one lip to the other, in inches. Load Rating: a code designating the weight a tire is designed to bear, ranging from low 20's to high 80's. Speed Rating: an alphabetical code designating the speed a tire is designed to run at safely, when properly inflated and loaded, from J-Z. Not always ordered alphabetically, and can be a little confusing *see manufacturer information. 120 / 70 / ZR 17.

Also found on tire side walls is a born-on date, which indicates a tires date of manufacture. This will be a four-digit code (0812). The first two digits indicate the week of the year it was made 1-52, and the last two digits indicate the two digit year it was made. So a tire with a date code of (0812) was made in the eighth week of 2012, or late February of that year. There is sometimes other info on a tire depending on the brand and model, such as WW indicating the tires are white-walls, or TL indicating the tire is a tubeless.

When in doubt, go OEM. A best practice is to replace tires with exactly the same size as the ones that came as OEM equipment. But if you feel confident, it may not hurt to experiment with slight differences in size and style. Sport bike riders do this frequently. Keep weight off tires when itís sitting. If you donít ride daily (and most of us donít) itís a good idea to keep your bike on stands to take weight off the tires and prevent flat-spotting. If you donít have a stand, try rolling it forward or backward a few inches once in a while. Raise tire pressure with a passenger. It is recommended to bump tire pressure up a little when carrying a passenger; usually 1-2psi in the front, and 2-3psi in the rear. Break them in gently. Break in your tires by riding at an easy pace for about 100 DRY miles (wet miles do not count.) Vary the route to include curves in both directions to break in the sides as well. And for goodnessí sake...donít ever put tire shine on motorcycle tires!




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