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Sportbike Swingarm OEM Bearings

Replacement swinagrm needle bearings kits for stock swing arms and rear shock linkage. These bearing kits are used on stock swingarms or if your building a custom bolt-on swingarm for a 240mm, 300mm, 330mm wheel.

Sportbike swingarm bearing test:
1st. Lift up the rear wheel with a proper rear dual swingarm stand or swingarm spool stand and remove the rear tire. Doing so will give you best result for bearing play test.
2nd. Hold the swing arm and move it upward, downward, and side to side. It should not shake or play in the side to side motion. Up and down it should move smoothly no play. If you have doubts, dismantle the shock absorber spring and test the swing arm again. A small bit of shake is ok because the shock pivot point is altered now. If you have more than 1/8 play you must replace the swingarm bearings.

Needle bearings and dust seal removal:
1st. Remove shock (dog bones) linkage.
2nd. Pry the dust deals, and then removes the bearing out from pivot tube and shock bearing linkage by heating with torch and then using a press, or a stationary vise.
3rd. Clean all surfaces and press or use a socket that is a little bigger than the new needle bearings and tap them in with rubber mallet and install dust caps.
4th. Bolt swing arm to back to pivot tube and shock mount with linkage. Pretty much do everything in reverse order as you had removed. Use Loctite and torque to proper specs.




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