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The Vibrating Motorcycle Seat: VibeRider.

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You have got to get the VibeRider. The motorcycle seat vibrator that your Honey will love. As you rev-up your bike, she will feel the power between her legs, right on that perfect spot. You can also control the action from the small control box. Give her a buzz, whenever you feel like she needs one.

Fast & easy installation and works on all motorcycles seats. Installation requires that the seat has at least 1 1/8" of foam. A one time adjustment to your bike with the Synchronizer Knob is required. Unit turns on with an on/off toggle switch and has a red LED light, to let you know when unit is on.

The Turbo Button by-passes the normal vibrating effect and puts the Stimulator into constant Hi-Power mode for as long as you hold the button or for as long as she can take it!

The circuitry board is specially designed to be synchronized with your bike via the engine signal wire which attaches to the coil or RPM gauge. As you REV-UP your bike, so does your HONEY. This effect is what makes the Vibe-Riderâ„¢ so unbelievable.

The control unit is encapsulated to cover and seal against shock and water. The control box is attached to you bike with a rubber adhesive tape that allows you to mount it at any desired location. (Comes assembled and with installation instructions.

Part:   VR1
Finish:   N/A
Price:   $135.00

Seat Vibrator Installation

Wiring Installation Video




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